Audra Williamson: Matriarchs and Modern Day Children’s Literature: A History

IgnitePresentation Williamson LSC503 from audra williamson on Vimeo.


Jennie Grant: Exploring Commercialism and Consumerism through Children’s Literature

Stephanie Goetz: The Fox Troupe Project – Media, Arts and Literacy at Vartan Gregorian Elementary

Linda Dieffenbach: Multimedia Tools and Resources for Librarians, a LIBGUIDE

Ariel Dagan: Gamification in a High School Library 

Sarah Kopka: Transmedia in the Classroom

Katherine Hypolite: A Tale of Technology and Emerging Literacy

Sherry Marshall: Developing a Tween Library Collection for Tweens

Christie Minton: Genrefying a School Library

Jennifer Gasrow: Television and Children’s Language Development

Sara Benn: What is Your Digital Handprint?

Kaylen Shimoda: My Pop Studio Analysis and Recommendations

Sony Capuano, Michael Garvey and Beth Hurley: Film in the Library

Rebecca Ott: Benefits of Book Clubs to Youth

Amanda Chew: Impact of Technology on Academic Performance

Lucy Harris: Outdated Library Books

Heather Johnson: Bilbliotherapy: An Approach to Exploring Divorce in Multimedia Formats

Stefanie Viens: Entertainment and Education: Exploring “Tough Stuff” through Popular TV Shows

Erika Sherry: Learning Styles

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