LSC 530 Texts and E-Tools for Children and Teens, Spring 2014

Harrington School of Communication and Media, Graduate School of Library and Information Studies (GSLIS), University of Rhode Island

This online course explores print, visual, sound and digital media texts, tools and technologies designed to meet the recreational and cultural needs of children and teens in and out of school.

This course is designed as the first course in a 2-course sequence. Both courses include a significant amount of experiential, hands-on work and significant amounts of multimedia production. While LSC 530 focuses on content creation and curation, LSC 531, Information and Digital Media Competencies of Children and Youth, focuses on pedagogy, collaboration and advocacy. Both courses advance these core competencies required for the MLIS program in Library and Information Studies:

Foundations: Graduates will understand the changing nature of knowledge and will know how to research, organize, and apply a broad range of interdisciplinary resources to meet the information needs of diverse users.

Lifelong Learning: Graduates will understand how to assess and meet the needs of users and develop community partnerships in order to empower lifelong learners.

Digital Media: Graduates will understand how changing media and technologies reshape information and society, applying digital competencies and critical thinking skills in order to contribute to innovation.

Leadership and Ethics: Graduates will understand and apply ethical principles of global citizenship and will demonstrate leadership shills toward creating equitable access to and use of information.

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