Multimedia Reflective Essays (200 pts)



Online learning can be an intellectually stimulating experience, building knowledge and providing opportunities for meaningful reflection and critical thinking. But it can also be isolating and frustrating. In this essay, you reflect on your own activity as a learner by describing and synthesizing what you are learning. In this essay, you describe key content, information and ideas from what you are learning in this class to document what you are learning. Then you reflect on your own participation in this course. Are you applying ideas from the reading to your own life? Are you doing the after-class activities? Are you reaching out to your class peers? Are you reading actively for comprehension and critical analysis? Are you using search/find/share to gather additional information about topics and issues? Are you seeing patterns, asking questions, and offering rigorous and constructive feedback? What questions is this course raising for you? What topics are you hoping to explore in your independent work for your final research/creative project?

Since you are sharing this reflective essay as a blog post, you are expected to use a combination of language , images, sound or multimedia as part of your creative expression. Expectation: 3 – 5 pages, posted to your blog (750 – 1500 words).

Criteria for Evaluation

1. I have described key content, information and ideas that are are most personally and professionally meaningful to me.

2. I have reflected authentically on my learning in this class, considering the strengths and limitations of my choices and strategies for online learning.

3. My essay is well-written and information, thoughtful and reflective. The grammar and spelling are perfect and I have used some form of multimedia expression.

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