Book & Film Talks, Story Time, Trailers or Reviews (200 pts)

DUE: March 26, embedded on your blog and Tweet the link with the #LSC530 hashtag by Wednesday, 7p.m.

Overview. You’ll make a careful choice of children’s media and develop a short video to communicate to a target audience. You may choose any form of book, film, music, game, app or website. After posting your video online for public sharing, you write a brief reflection on your learning experience as a multimedia author.

OPTION 1. Review. Book reviews aim to attract readers, viewers or users.  They might be a simple book talk or a more elaborate trailer,  a movie-type promotion for a book, app, game, TV show, film or other piece of media.

OPTION 2. Story Time. Storytime is a key feature of children’s library service. Story Time is a form of performance or entertainment for young children, usually involving a read-aloud.  Your story time may be live-action or use a combination of images, language and sound.

OPTION 3. Critical Review. Create a critical analysis/critique or personal aesthetic response. Your review may use a mix of live-action, images and video clips.

To develop your project, read Renee’s recommended steps in multimedia production:

Create, Set, Create: Multimedia Composition 101

Criteria for Evaluation

1. The video work performs, summarizes and/or analyzes a book, magazine, film, TV show, music, app, game or website designed for children or teens, ages 3 – 15.

2. The author uses appropriate codes and conventions for the type of work (review, performance or critique) resulting in a quality product that has a clearly identifable purpose, target audience and point of view, using appropriate techniques to attract and hold attention.

3. The work shows evidence of creativity that reflects your unique personality, intellect and character. The author has posted a short work of reflective writing about the reviewing process to his/her class blog.

OPTION: You may work with a partner if you so choose. If you work with a partner, you must compose a longer reflective essay, emailed to the instructor by the deadline, that describes and analyzes the quality of the collaboration, including the advantages and challenges of working as a member of a creative team.


Here’s an example of a book trailer.

Learn how to make a trailer from LIS grad students at the University of British Columbia.

See an example of a storytime video.

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